The Benefits of Neurolens

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The Benefits of Neurolens.


Do you suffer from frequent headaches?

Do your eyes feel strained when using your computer, tablet, or phone?

Do you experience daily neck or upper back pain despite taking medication for inflammation?

Do your eyes constantly feel dry and irritated?


If you answered yes to any of those questions, you aren’t alone. These are common symptoms of eye misalignment and Neurolens may be the solution you’ve been looking for!

As the usage of digital devices has increased, the symptoms associated with it, such as headaches, neck pain, eye strain, and dry eye sensation, have also increased. Reducing screen time and using blue light filters are often recommended to help mitigate these symptoms; however, recent studies suggest these strategies are not sufficient for long-term. Fortunately, correcting eye misalignment with Neurolens has shown promising results.

What is Neurolens?

If the fields of optometry and neurology had a baby, the result would be Neurolens 🙂

Neurolens is a prescription lens that utilizes a breakthrough technology called “contoured prism” that can help bring your eyes back into a comfortable alignment. Unlike a standard prism lens, which corrects eye misalignment at a single distance, the contoured prism of Neurolens, provides eye alignment at all distances by gradually increasing the prism from distance to near.

The Benefits of Neurolens.

It is estimated that more than 66% of people experience symptoms of eye misalignment, and this percentage is rapidly growing as our society has been shifting towards remote working and learning. Even a tiny misalignment for a long can overstimulate the trigeminal nerve, which results in eye strain, headache, neck, upper back and shoulder pain, dry eye, and motion sickness. Prismatic correction with Neurolens of this minor misalignment can significantly reduce these symptoms.

Recent studies have demonstrated exceptional benefits for the vast majority of Neurolens wearers:

  • Over 90% of patients experienced almost complete symptomatic relief through Neurolens use
  • More than 80% of patients suffering from chronic headaches reported signficantly reduced symptoms after wearing Neurolens
  • Patients specifically suffering from digital eye strain had 100% improvement with Neurolens wear

Neurolens Measurement Device.

We now have the ability to measure eye misalignment objectively and accurately, allowing Neurolens to give you the best possible results. To obtain precise eye misalignment measurements, we use the Neurolens Measurement Device, Generation 2 (NMD2), which captures meticulous, precise, and most importantly, repeatable measurements of ocular alignment. The NMD2’s accuracy is to 0.01 PD, which is 80% smaller than nMD1 and 35% faster than nMD1.

Many optometrists are incorporating Neurolens into their practice because of the substantial relief it provides their patients. Neurolens has been touted as a breakthrough technology that has, and will continue to, change the practice of optometry as a whole.


Takeaways on Neurolens.

In conclusion, the research, past and current studies, and anecdotal evidence of the benefits of Neurolens are overwhelmingly positive. If you answered yes to any of the questions above, call Eyecare Associates of Nampa today, to see if Neurolens is right for you!