Zainah Saadi

Clinical Technician

Zainah Saadi, a Clinical Technician at ECA, finds immense satisfaction in meeting new patients, getting to know them, and helping to improve their lives through quality eye care. Vision, she believes, is a crucial aspect of life and she is glad to be part of a team that helps people protect it.

Zainah’s work at ECA is made even more rewarding by the company’s active involvement in the community. From the senior fair to Kuna Days and other community events, Zainah appreciates the commitment of ECA and its doctors to their communities. She has had the pleasure of interacting with patients who know the doctors from their personal lives, further solidifying the community bond she values.

When it comes to local businesses and attractions, Zainah has a few favorites. She recommends Labyrinth Escape Games for its fun, in-depth, and creative escape rooms. She fondly remembers a team-building event at Labyrinth, which she greatly enjoyed. For the best breakfast in Caldwell, Zainah swears by Mr. V’s. When downtown, she loves to grab a bite at Grit 2C, known for its delicious food. Lastly, Pantera Market is a favorite for its excellent food and homemade breads and sweets.

In summary, Zainah Saadi is a dedicated professional who is passionate about patient care. Her love for her role, her appreciation for ECA’s community involvement, and her support for local businesses make her a cherished member of the ECA family.