Sheryl Smith

Referral Coordinator

Sheryl Smith, the diligent Referral Coordinator at ECA, is driven by the importance of eye care and the role it plays in preserving and enhancing people’s quality of life. She finds immense satisfaction in being the link between patients and the specialty care they need, ensuring they receive the best possible treatment for their eye health.

Sheryl’s favorite aspect of working at ECA is the sense of family and unity that permeates the organization. She appreciates the collective effort towards providing the best patient care and the close-knit relationships among the team members.

When it comes to supporting local businesses, Sheryl’s favorite is none other than ECA itself. She feels blessed to be part of an organization that comprises five amazing doctors and an incredible staff, all dedicated to providing true, honest care for their patients.

In summary, Sheryl Smith is a dedicated professional who plays a crucial role in patient care at ECA. Her commitment to her role, her love for her ECA family, and her belief in the importance of local businesses make her an integral part of the ECA team.