Natalie is a seasoned Optician who is whole-heartedly committed to her role at ECA. Here, she finds herself surrounded by a team that not only works together but thrives as a unit, creating an environment she fondly refers to as her ‘work family.’ She feels truly blessed to be part of such a cohesive group, a sentiment that shines through in her dedication to her work and her unwavering commitment to the ECA values.

Her passion for the eyecare industry is fueled by the constant evolution of technology, a facet of her field that she finds both challenging and rewarding. Over the past twenty years, she’s seen the industry evolve exponentially, granting her the ability to provide increasingly improved care for her patients.

Beyond her work, Natalie enjoys the local scene, with the Yard House ranking as her favorite restaurant for its trifecta of football, food, and beer. She’s also a fan of Winco, a local business she appreciates for its uniqueness, having found no equivalent back in her home state of Texas.

Natalie’s appreciation for her work and her community speaks volumes about her as a professional and an individual, making her an invaluable part of the ECA team.