Maria Reynoso

Patient Coordinator

Maria Reynoso, the Patient Coordinator at ECA, is a dedicated professional who finds fulfillment in building lasting relationships with patients. She takes pride in her role, which allows her to educate patients about eye diseases that can often go unnoticed due to a lack of symptoms. Maria’s commitment to patient care is matched by her admiration for the doctors she works with, who she believes truly listen, understand, and care for their patients and employees.

Maria’s favorite aspect of working at ECA is the opportunity to work with a team that values patient relationships and education as much as she does. She appreciates the deep care and understanding that the doctors at ECA demonstrate, making her role as a Patient Coordinator even more rewarding.

When she’s not at ECA, Maria enjoys exploring her local community. Her favorite restaurant is Brick 29, a place she loves for its delicious food and welcoming atmosphere. She also appreciates the local small business, Graples Home Decor, for its unique and charming offerings.

Maria is also a fan of the local parks in Nampa, praising the city for its well-maintained and child-friendly facilities. She particularly appreciates the new equipment and water pumps for children to play in, making these parks a favorite spot for family outings.

In summary, Maria Reynoso is more than just a Patient Coordinator. She is a dedicated professional, a patient advocate, and a proud member of her local community. Her passion for patient care, her love for her team at ECA, and her appreciation for her local community make her an invaluable member of the ECA family.