Lupita Hernandez

Billing Lead

Lupita Hernandez, the Billing Lead at ECA, is passionate about her role in patient care. She finds immense satisfaction in hearing patient testimonies about the excellent care they received, from the initial phone call to picking out stylish frames. Lupita takes pride in being transparent with patients about their insurance benefits, ensuring they understand their coverage.

At ECA, Lupita appreciates the genuine care that the doctors show towards their patients’ needs. This commitment to patient well-being is her favorite aspect of working at ECA, making it a truly rewarding experience.

When it comes to local businesses, Lupita’s favorite is Bordertown Coffee. She appreciates the simplicity they offer for those who don’t like to create their own drink. She also enjoys the creativity of Local Merch, a testament to her appreciation for unique and innovative businesses.

In summary, Lupita Hernandez is a dedicated professional who plays a crucial role in patient care at ECA. Her commitment to her role, her love for her ECA family, and her support for local businesses make her an integral part of the ECA team.