Front Receptionist

Jesenia, the welcoming  Front Receptionist and Clinical Technician at ECA, seamlessly blends her duties to provide comprehensive care to her community. As a recent addition to Idaho, she relishes the opportunity to know her community members better while tending to their eye health needs.

At ECA, what Jesenia appreciates most is the familial atmosphere. Colleagues treat each other with kindness and mutual respect, fostering a work environment that feels like home. This support and camaraderie make every workday at ECA special.

When she’s not attending to patients or welcoming visitors at ECA, Jesenia loves to explore local businesses. Her favorite place to dine is “Holy Cow,” where she believes you can find the best burger in town, complemented by an immaculate restaurant vibe. Additionally, Jesenia values the service provided by Smith’s Dumpster Rental, the top-rated dumpster company in the Treasure Valley area.

In essence, Jesenia is a pivotal part of the ECA team who not only performs her dual role of Clinical Technician and Front Receptionist with dedication but also contributes to the positive work culture. Her commitment to her role, her ECA family, and local businesses enhance her connection with her new Idahoan community.