Clinical Technician

Erika, a Clinical Technician at ECA, is deeply committed to her role in eye care. She finds great fulfillment in helping the community understand the importance of eye care health. This aspect of her job allows her to make a significant impact on people’s lives by promoting awareness and understanding of eye health.

At ECA, Erika appreciates the opportunity to work in a field that has a direct and meaningful impact on the community. This sense of purpose and the ability to make a difference is what she loves most about working at ECA.

When it comes to local businesses, Erika’s favorite is Tacos el Rey, particularly for their delicious tacos. She also appreciates Empty Hand Combat Martial Arts for their mentorship program that helps at-risk youth stay out of trouble. This shows her support for initiatives that positively impact the community.

In summary, Erika is a dedicated professional who plays a crucial role in eye care at ECA. Her commitment to her role, her love for her ECA family, and her support for local businesses make her an integral part of the ECA team.