Emily Bautista

Optical Lead

Emily Bautista, the dedicated Optical Lead at ECA, finds fulfillment and joy in serving others. Her favorite aspect of eye care is being able to assist patients with their vision needs. Emily cherishes the opportunity to contribute to the health and well-being of her community, which she finds incredibly rewarding.

Emily’s love for ECA stems from the genuine care and camaraderie that permeates the organization. She appreciates the fact that everyone at ECA cares deeply – not only for the patients they serve but also for each other. This sense of mutual care and respect makes ECA a special place for Emily.

In her leisure time, Emily enjoys exploring local eateries and has a couple of favorites. For a date night, she opts for the Craft Lounge, admiring its amazing menu and cozy environment. For a casual lunch, Emily’s go-to is Little Saigon, another local favorite known for its delectable food and friendly staff.

In essence, Emily Bautista is not just an Optical Lead at ECA; she is a caring professional, a valued team member, and a local food enthusiast. Her dedication to patient care, her love for her ECA family, and her appreciation for local businesses all combine to make her a remarkable part of the ECA team.