Angel Mendoza

Clinical Technician

Angel Mendoza is a Clinical Technician at ECA whose work is driven by a deep sense of care for her patients. She values the culture of care at ECA, inspired by the doctors who show profound concern for their patients, which in turn deepens her own care for them. Angel’s love for helping others finds a perfect outlet at ECA where she can serve and care for her community.

When it comes to local spots, Angel’s favorite restaurant is Cafe De Coco. The food, which she describes as amazing, is outshined only by the wonderful staff. She also adores the charming storefront, which adds to the overall experience of dining there.

Angel also enjoys visiting Labyrinth Escape Games, a local business that has won her over with their incredible attention to detail. She finds the games challenging and engaging, and looks forward to her next visit.

In summary, Angel Mendoza is a dedicated professional who plays a crucial role in patient care at ECA. Her commitment to her role, her love for her ECA family, and her support for local businesses make her an integral part of the ECA team.